The community of St. Louis is committed to raising awareness among the Bosnian population by preserving the Balkan history and culture through memorial projects and events. Recently, I participated in a Run4Bosnia event. The goal of Run4Bosnia was to provide educational costs and flood relief in the Balkans.

During the summer, I was living in Bosnia-Herzegovina as a massive flooding occurred. Some university students were sent home to be with their families during the time that was described as the worst atrocity since the Bosnian war in the 1990’s. The Balkan community experienced a sense of loss as communities lost their belongings, family homes; livestock, grocery stores, as towns and villages were completely destroyed. As students engaged in my photo-voice project, they were able to say for the first time they experienced a sense of community regardless of ethnicity and witnessed a move progressively toward reconciliation in light of past atrocities.

The Run4Bosnia 5K event was an opportunity for the greater St. Louis community to learn about our Bosnian neighbors and build relationships. Along the run, I met a high school student, Muhammad. We finished the race together. The strongest communities are the ones in which all members are connected to one another and have an understanding of each other’s culture and traditions. Also, I am writing to raise awareness among the social networking community of my work with Project 1948. And, I invite you friends to come alongside my endless passion for pressing social issues both locally and globally.

Community over Competition,

Jen White