Hooray! We made it back to Oklahoma safely! Although we are happy to be back, Project 1948’s heart will always remain in Sarajevo. These last two weeks have been an incredibly eye opening experience to say the least.  There is only so much one can learn about a different culture by reading books, or watching documentaries.  Being "on ground" in Bosnia and Herzegovina, gave direct insight and an opportunity to gain knowledge of functioning foreign NGOs, as well as receiving the chance to implement part of the “Cup of Peace” curriculum. To be given the ability to personally hear of the conflict resolution, and life changing stories provided me with an inspired heart to better serve the Bosnian community.  With a more realistic understanding of how to further construct peace building relationships, we plan to collaborate with many organizations in the future.  This could potentially be teaming up in workshops, conferences, or projects; however the possibilities are just beginning. Because this trip mainly consisted on administrative and developmental work, Project 1948 plans to head back to Sarajevo in October to finish the curriculum with the remaining university students. Project 1948 is excited for the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead, and we hope that you will continue to support our journey!

Best Wishes,