We just celebrated our first birthday! What happens behind the scenes of a non-profit? Join me...as I tell you about the significant highlights from the beginning of our peace-building journey!

December || 2013 

The State of Oklahoma officially recognized Project 1948 as a non-profit. We registered as a civil society organization to align our non-profit for NGO accreditation by the United Nations. 

January || 2014 

We composed a vision! We constructed our vision and a mission statement. We gave our company structure as we created our Conflict of Interest Policy, and crafted our Articles of Incorporation with ByLaws.

February || 2014

Then...I hopped on a flight to South Africa! 

Africa is the leading model in reconciliation and...this model can be adapted and applied with post-conflicted communities throughout the Balkans.  

Course Correction!! We re-evaluated our work to make sure our mission aligned with our vision. 

March || 2014

Sought legal counsel! Finding a lawyer that understands arts-based peace-building in a post-conflict war zone was difficult to find in Oklahoma. But, struggles are necessary...and online legal solutions are unnecessary. 

April || 2014

Secured Institutional Review Board (IRB) in the U.S. and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Why is that important?

Glad you asked! Because as an arts-based activist who followed all formal review policies and procedures for both countries to validate a culturally intelligent project using photography as a medium to bring empowerment to young adults in a post-conflicted society.

Our hope is to continue to use visual mediums with young adults, the future of Bosnia-Herzegovina. 

Our creative team: Lauren & Hans designed our Project 1948 logo. The "e" is an = sign to represent equality and human rights, in which all human beings are inherently entitled. 1948 is the year the United Nations published the Declaration of Human Rights and began their peacekeeping mission. Our 1948 vision is aid post-conflict societies with arts-based peace-building and educate on human rights. 

May || 2014

Guest Lectured at the University of Sarajevo to further our relationship with the Balkan community. Participated in 5.31 White Arm Band day. A day of remembrance for the lives of children who were killed in the Bosnian genocide.

Engaged the university students in a photo-voice project.

Spent the weekends working with humanitarian relief efforts as the Balkan community experienced a massive flooding, the worst atrocity since the Bosnian genocide.

June|| 2014

Sarajevo hosted an International Peace Event, in light of the 100 year culture of war beginning in 1914. Through this event, collaboration with human rights activists led to discussing a culture of peace. 

Lauren hand-lettered our "Build Peace" tee and tank design!

July || 2014

A time of rest in Florianopolis, Brazil!  

August || 2014

Visual imagery is never innocent, as the photo-voice project represented marginalized Bosnian young adults who have grown up with the aftermath of war and live a different reality and an absence of peace.

September || 2014

Planned a 3 year peace-building budget! 1948 finds a super great lawyer to work alongside our international endeavors! We participated in a 5k Run4Bosnia event to further Bosnian education and flood relief efforts. 

October || 2014

Lauren and Hans model the hand-lettered "Build Peace" tee and tank! 

November || 2014

We reconstructed our vision and mission statement along with our past, present, and future plans in a global language, in which everyone can easily understand! Thanks Hans! 

We began to record our promo video to further explain Project 1948 through a visual medium.  Thanks Lauren!

December || 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Project 1948! Our team launched the website including an online store of 1948 apparel. Also, we would like to announce if you Support our "Cup of Peace" curriculum, our investors will match 100% of your donation! 

Gratitude || 2014

Our "Cup of Peace" project is supported by our wonderful friends, our lovely creative team: Hans & Lauren, our committed and attentive lawyer: Mark, our virtuous investors, and our encouraging international community. May you know my deepest gratitude for a wonderful year, for this peace of cake is nothing without you.