Cultural and Ethnic Wounding…

Have you ever been dehumanized for your gender, ethnicity and/or religion?

Well it's a really old story...and history tells us that love can win.

But, what happens when history keeps repeating itself? And...what happens when you question to whether history can ever be on a fully human side? In the meantime, the hatred crimes against our humanity including Ferguson and among the Bosnian immigrants in St. Louis bring light for the world to know, our human struggle is deeply a human one.

St. Louis is home for many and our human cohort should not be dehumanized for gender, ethnicity and/or religion. But, we continue to demonstrate the inability to see past the One Tenth of One Percent.

Bill Clinton spoke at a graduation ceremony and he said...when the human genome was mapped, we pretty much found that the differences in humans come down to something every way that you are different from another human being is like .01% of genetic difference (Clinton, 2007). He spoke about differences including culture, hair color, and skin color. All of those things...all of the differences you can think of...comes down to pretty much .01% (Clinton, 2007). 

But most of us continue to spend the majority of our time focused on the One-Tenth of One percent. We fall into a trap and begin the dangerous game of comparison. Even though we live and work with other people different than ourselves, the same people genetically similar somehow become labeled as less than human.

Throughout this holiday season and into the new year...May we continue to choose love, grace, and acceptance among our .01% difference. May we remember those that are 99.9% similar to us. For we are all human beings deeply embedded into this human struggle. And may we dare to hope to change the inverse rules of history for our struggle is the mere idea of .01% of genetic differences.