jenifer l. white, Ph.D., president & Founder of Project 1948

Project 1948 is intriguing for her to develop. 

As an international psychologist, she is equipped with advanced research and program evaluation skills coupled with a rich appreciation for global events.  As a licensed therapist, she has experience managing confidential relationships and sensitive initiatives with integrity. As a clinical program director, she has experience managing and training employees for success. Her international experiences demonstrate cultural sensitivity while conducting ethical research and consulting practices to further understand the world’s most pressing issues. 

Michael Baines, Co-Chairman 

Michael is a co-founder & co-owner of Family and Youth Interventions. Family and Youth Interventions is a CARF accredited company with the mission to serve clients with ethical and best treatment practices. Michael’s dream was to create a company to assist children and families by providing therapy and counseling to children, adults, and families. His experience in the school system molded his vision to strengthen partnerships with other social service programs, schools, courts, Department of Human Services, probation offices, churches, hospitals, and various other agencies and community groups in the state of Oklahoma and abroad. Michael’s company is considered one of the largest community based agencies in the state of Oklahoma consisting of over one hundred employees and contractual professionals. Teamwork, leadership, planning, and communication skills are inherent traits that are fine-tuned through hands-on experience. Michael is currently working on his dissertation and coursework to obtain his doctorate by the end of 2015. He currently holds a M.Ed in Educational Leadership and a B.A. in Psychology with endorsements and a License to teach Pre-k to 12th grade. His work experience has definitely increased his ability to work with others from all cultures and backgrounds. His ultimate goal is to support the vision of building peace for those living in war-torn societies. 

Stephen Parker, Co-Chairman

Stephen is a co-founder & co-owner of Family and Youth Interventions. He spent his earlier years playing professional basketball in Budapest. This experience increased his awareness of cultural views and cultural competence. He currently holds a B.S from VCU and is currently working on increasing his knowledge base. His goal is to continually spearhead Family and Youth Intervention Services mission in enhancing family strengths and resources through direct family involvement that preserves the dignity of all families within their community. Stephen’s goal for Family and Youth Intervention Services is to service children in custody to avoid out-of-home placement if possible, successfully transition a child back home from an out-of-home placement, and/or to help the child integrate into a long-term permanent placement. Stephen’s gift is developing business from the ground up. His plans are to continue to assist and support the vision of building peace for those living in war-torn societies.

Roxann Moeller, LCSW, DIRECTOR

Roxann has worked approximately 20 years in the field of social work, in a variety of positions from inpatient, day treatment, and home based counseling to mental health advocacy, peer based recovery services, and assertive community treatment with the homeless, addicted, and severely mentally ill. Roxann has worked with adults, children, and families as both a direct practice clinician as well as a community based and agency administrator. She is dedicated to justice, fairness, and improving the quality of life for all people despite life circumstances and believes in the mission of Project 1948 in fulfilling these goals on an international level.


Janet is the former Director and economist of the World Bank Population, Health and Nutrition research department. During her time there, she managed divisions promoting adult literacy, school and university-based education in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Her expertise includes Global Media and Social Advocacy as well as Media and International Psychology. 

Nanette Ellis, Secretary 

Nanette is a graduate of California Paramedical & Technical College who went on to study Sociology with an emphasis on Human Services. She worked with at risk youth for over five years, some of which were newly emigrated to the U.S, from drug torn countries. Her passion is deeply rooted in serving the unheard through humanitarian and human rights work.

Anna Saah, Treasurer

Anna is the Chief Financial Officer of TecFac. As CFO, she manages the financial risks, financial planning and record-keeping. Professionally, Anna has worked in property management, corporate finance, non-profit accounting. In addition, she has experience in the field of psychology and conducts trainings as a licensed therapist for business clients.